Zīmulis ar Swarovski kristāliem HA

The black coloured pencils are made out of completely black dyed wood. They are sharpened and have a medium strong lead (HB). Especially with an advertising print they become an ideal promotional gift for your target group.

Crystal Pencils »made with Crystals from Swarovski@«

Crystal Pencils  –  If you´re looking for something special… to bring more glamour to your office we supply elegant pencils with sparkling crystals »made with Crystals from Swarovski@« in 60 colours. As an option perfectly combined with your personal advertising message available in many colours.
Blackwood Pencils in round, mat black lacquered, Length: 179 mm, finished with made with Crystals from Swarovski@ in 60 colours.
Coloured crystals can be mixed, but there have to be at least 144 pieces of each colour

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