Saliekamais lietussargs 5430RE

Space-saving mini umbrella with ultra-slim frame, velvety micro polyester pongee cover, adjustable soft-touch handle with doming option, comfortable double automatic function for a quick opening and closing, equipped with high-quality
windproof system for maximum frame flexibility in stormy conditions, practical cuff case with velcro strip

Diameter Icon Diameter 93 cm
Length Icon Length 27 cm
Weight Icon Weight 250 g
Cover Icon Cover Micro polyester pongee, treated with Teflon®
Material Icon Material Plastic, black
Panels Icon Panels 6
Packing unit Icon Packing unit 12 pieces
  • Original Dupont Teflon ® -coating
  • Material repels water and dust
  • Windproof-system
  • Umbrella opens with automatic push-button
  • umbrella opens and closes with automatic push-button
  • Especially light250 g

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